Custom Labels

Create custom cigar labels and bands for any event or celebration.

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Our custom cigar labels are specially designed and engineered to bring professional quality cigar labels to the personalization market.

Event Ideas for Personalized Cigar Labels

A custom cigar band is a quick and easy way to celebrate an engagement, graduation, or promotion. Design your cigar labels with any message including important dates, names, and places. Personalized cigar bands turn a good cigar into a great one!
Here are a few popular common uses and occasions for custom cigar labels:

  • Special Announcements – Celebrate promotions, graduations, and more with a congratulatory cigar.
  • Engagements & Weddings – Customize cigar bands with the date, place, and names of the lucky couple.
  • Anniversaries – Raise a glass and a cigar to big milestones with custom cigar labels.
  • Birth Announcements – Let everyone know your baby has arrived with a cigar featuring a personalized cigar band. Put the baby’s name, weight, date, and time they arrived right on the cigar label.
  • Birthdays – Celebrate big birthdays like a 21st, 40th, 50th, or 60th with a personalized cigar. Hand them out or create a cigar bar for the festivities.
  • Business or Corporate Cigars – Use customized cigar labels to welcome a client, brand your company, or mark big milestones and successes.
  • Promotional Items – Promote your business, product, or service with the perfect promotional giveaway item. They’re sure to impress everybody at your next tradeshow.
  • Golf & Country Club Outings – Spice up the round with personalized cigar labels. They’re a fun way to impress friends or customers during tournaments and company golf outings.
  • Restaurant & Lounge Offerings – Use custom cigar bands as a marketing, advertising, or promotional tool for your bar or nightclub. Put your bar’s name or logo right on the cigar band.